Publications & CV



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“The Post-Confessional Poet,” Winter Tangerine Review, Spotlight Series: Shedding Skins, 2015

“Grace,” Banango Street 10 (forthcoming)


“Who Taught You That One?,” “Can I Call You Shelly?,” “craniotomy,” The Journal 38.4 (Fall 2014) – “Who Taught You” nominated for Pushcart

from “The Gold Letters”: [The evening before you left, I watched you], [I am still as the stones on the floor], [Lydia, I wait for gold to spill over], and [Another dream, your hands full of gold rocks], Crab Orchard Review 19.2 (The West Coast and Beyond), Fall 2014

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“Self-Portrait in Aimwell, Alabama,” “Born Again,” “Lost Ring,” and “The Miami River Floods: Dayton, Ohio,” PANK Magazine online, Issue 9.6, June 2014

“The Humility of St. Teresa of Avila,” Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 3, Spring 2014 – Winner of TQ3 Poetry Contest

from The Rusted City: “The Old Mill,” “The Favorite Father Gets Home from Work,”“The Quiet Mother Cups the Favorite Father’s Ear,” “The Smallest Sister Decides to Make Herself Red,” “The Quiet Mother Hides,” Poemeleon VII, The Unreal Issue, Spring 2014 (reprints)

“No Place (Dorothy Reconsiders),” “Dorothy and Uncle Henry,” “Dorothy and the Lone Ranger,” “Letter from Aunt Em,” and “Dorothy in the Desert,” Fairy Tale Review 10.1, Emerald Issue, Spring 2014


“In the Century of Fumes,” Mid-American Review, Issue 34.1, Fall 2013

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from Weltinnenraum: “The Welder’s House,” “The Lion Tamer’s House,” and “The Keeper’s House,” Weave, Issue 9, Summer 2013

“Diorama of a Fire” (reprint) and “The Language of Daughters,” The Adroit Journal, Issue 7, Summer 2013 – “Diorama of a Fire” nominated for Pushcart

from A History of the Rusted City: “In the Century of Birthmarks,” “In the Century of Lunch Pails,” “In the Century of Mandatory Crying,” and “In the Century of Rust,” Superstition Review, Issue 11, Spring 2013

“Confession,” “Elegy for a Dogwood Tree,” and “Elsewhere,” Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Fund (prize website), 2013

“Nightmute, Alaska,” RHINO Poetry 2013, April 2013


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“In Hurt, Virginia,” “In Between, Georgia,” and “Poem in Which I Play the Runaway,” The Collagist, Issue 37, August 2012 – “In Hurt, Virginia” nominated for Pushcart – “Poem in Which I Play the Runaway” reprinted in Best New Poets 2013

“In Last Chance, California,” Meridian, Issue 29, June 2012

“Music Box,” Jabberwock Review, Issue 33.1, Summer 2012 – Finalist for 2012 Nancy D. Hargrove Editors’ Prize – Nominated for Pushcart

“Hurricane Prayer,” Sou’wester, Issue 40.2Spring 2012

“Honey the Sky Ain’t Going,” Columbia Poetry Review, Issue 25, Spring 2012 – Reprinted on Verse Daily, August 22, 2012

from A History of the Rusted City: “In the Century of Mute Tongues” and “In the Century of New Skin,” Inch 17, Spring 2012

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“Diorama of a Fire” and “Tinnitus,” Grist: The Journal for WritersIssue 5, Spring 2012

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from The Rusted City: “The Favorite Father Gets Home from Work,”“The Quiet Mother Cups the Favorite Father’s Ear,” “The Smallest Sister Decides to Make Herself Red,” “The Quiet Mother Hides,” The Cincinnati Review, Issue 8.2, Winter 2012


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“Dorothy Tries,” The Portland Review, Film and Video Issue, Fall 2011

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from The Rusted City: “The Oldest Sister is an Indian Giver,” The Portland Review Poetry Blog, July 15, 2011

“Infection: My Sister Plays,” New Delta Review, Issue 1.2Summer 2011

“Helen’s Confession,” Poetry InternationalIssue 17, Summer 2011 – Winner of the 2010 Poetry International Prize

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from The Rusted City: “The Smallest Sister Meets the Favorite Father,” “The Oldest Sister Crushes Cans,” and “At the Edge of the City,” The Prose Poem ProjectVol.2 Issue 1, Summer 2011

from The Rusted City: “The Old Mill,” VersalIssue 9, May 2011

“Faye Does Bonnie,” The Southeast ReviewVol. 28.2, Fall 2010



“Relentless,” NANO Fiction, Issue 7.1, Fall 2013

“Bad Luck,” Versal, Issue 11, May 2013

“Impossible Child,” The Southeast ReviewIssue 31.1 – Finalist in World’s Best Short-Short Story Contest

“Dirty Girl,” Passages North, Issue 34, Winter 2013 – Honorable Mention for the Just Desserts Prize


“Consider the Heart,” Housefire, October 2011

“Uncle Al,” Bellingham Review, Online Issue: Short Forms Edition, Fall 2011



“A Disbeliever in Limbo,” Image, Issue 74, September 2012 – Selected as Notable Essay of 2013 in Best American Essays anthology series


Review of The Tales by Jessica Bozek, Coldfront Magazine, November 14, 2014

Review of Lullaby (with Exit Sign) by Hadara Bar-Nadav, Coldfront Magazine, October 2013

“The Feminist Peep Show,” Review of Doll Studies: Forensics by Carol Guess, HTMLGiant, October 2012