Online Course: Writing Flash Prose (Loft Literary Center)

I’ll be teaching my online course on writing in short and flash forms again this summer! It’s a six-week course offered entirely online through The Loft Literary Center. It starts June 1, and registration is open now!

Writing Flash Prose

Location: Online
Ages: Adult

This class is designed to provide students with an overview of short forms. Flash fiction, micro-memoir, and prose poetry have become quite popular in the world of contemporary literary publishing. These very short new forms are inviting to busy readers, who can devour a wholly satisfying story on the bus ride to work. For writers, “flash” forms provide an excellent opportunity to sharpen our skills, because they require a great deal of restraint and precision. In this class, students will learn and practice the fundamental elements of each ‘micro’ genre (even as we observe how they overlap) by reading published work, as well as writing and sharing our own work.

Over the course of six weeks, writers will produce at least one piece in each of the three micro genres (flash fiction, micro memoir, and prose poetry) of 1,000 words or less. Toward the end, writers will also try their hand at hint fiction, writing a few stories in only 25 words! While this is not an intensive workshop class, students will have the opportunity to discuss their own work on a volunteer basis during supplementary live chat sessions.


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