Editing Poetry for The James Franco Review

Writer (and my friend) Corinne Manning is starting a new online literary journal with earnest intentions and a cheeky name: The James Franco Review. I will be serving as poetry editor for the next couple of months, selecting poems (entirely from blind submissions) for the journal’s debut in early 2015. Here’s what it’s all about:

JFReviewWhat if we were all James Franco? How would this affect visibility of typically ignored writers?

We seek to publish works of prose and poetry as if we were all James Franco, as if our work was already worthy of an editor’s attention. All submissions received are submitted as James Franco and are read by a roving cast of guest editors who choose based on their tastes as readers.

You can read more on the journal’s ‘About’ page. It’s already been garnering attention from venues like The Stranger in Seattle and the LA Times!