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A new review of The Rusted City is up at Heavy Feather Review today!

Heavy Feather Review


The Rusted City, by Rochelle Hurt. Buffalo, New York: White Pine Press. 96 pages. $16.00, paper.

I have a friend from Youngstown, Ohio, so when I first opened up Rochelle Hurt’s The Rusted City and found the book’s dedication was for the city, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Youngstown’s been through some tough times, which has earned it spots on lists like Buzzfeed’s “Bleakest Places on Earth” and Comcast’s “Top 20 Miserable Cities,” but my friend from there describes the city in loving terms. The city of Hurt’s book isn’t necessarily Youngstown, but it’s safe to say it’s at least part Youngstown, and maybe part Cleveland, Ohio; part Dayton, Ohio; part all the cities of the Rust Belt. The Rusted City is a look beyond the bleak exterior of these places and into the heart of them, the people that make them tick.

These people aren’t without their…

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