New Fiction & Poetry Links

Tupelo Quarterly’s Poetry Prize

My poem “The Humility of St. Teresa of Avila” won Tupelo Quarterly’s TQ3 poetry contest and is published here in their third online issue.

Four Poems in PANK Magazine Online 

I have four poems in the June issue of PANK Magazine online, all of which can be read here on the PANK site. 

Four Poems in Connotation Press 

I also have four poems in the June issue of Hoppenthaler’s Poetry Congeries at Connotation Press. All four poems can be read on their site.

Flash Fiction in LitRagger

My short-short story “Bad Luck,” which was published by Versal last year, is now available online through LitRagger, a new site that republishes work from print journals.

The first time my mother learned how lightning loved her, it came through our TV. The light reached out and cupped her breasts, holding her for a minute before spilling into her belly, which lit up like a bulb. That’s when we saw it—

The entire story can be read here on LitRagger.

Review of The Rusted City in The Adroit Journal 

Finally, another nice review of The Rusted City just came out in the Summer issue of The Adroit Journal, available here.


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