My First Book

I’m so pleased to officially share this news: my first book, The Rusted City, will be published next year by White Pine Press!

Find more information about The Rusted City on my Books page.

The full-length collection, composed primarily of linked prose poems, was selected to be part of the Marie Alexander Poetry Series, an imprint devoted to prose poetry (and more recently, some other short forms, like flash fiction). I’m proud to be working with the Series, which has put out some wonderful hybrid-genre books. I’m also looking forward to becoming an author associated with White Pine, a press that has been in operation for forty years, publishing poetry and translations by several figures who have been important influences for my writing. (You can read more about White Pine here on the Best American Poetry blog.)

The press release below contains more information, including a description of the book. Excerpts have been published by the Cincinnati Review, Versal, The Prose Poem Project, Portland Review, and Superstition Review. For now, you can read some poems from the collection here in The Prose Poem Project, and here in Superstition Review.

The book will be available in the spring of 2014 (more to come).



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