Online Writing Course – Short Forms

I am so excited to be teaching creative writing again this fall! I’ll be leading an online course in short forms for the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. The course is carried out entirely online, so neither I nor my students will need to go to Minneapolis (though I hear it’s a great town). The Loft has become somewhat well-known for their writing courses — especially the online courses, which attract instructors and students from all over the country. If it sounds like I’m pitching the course, that’s because I am. Registration is open now, so please spread the word!

Open to all levels, the course is six weeks, and will begin October 1. Here is a description:

In a Flash: Short-shorts, Micro-memoir, and Prose Poetry

Flash forms of less than 1000 words have become quite popular in the world of contemporary literary publishing. These very short forms are inviting to busy readers, who can devour a wholly satisfying story on the bus ride to work. For writers, flash forms provide an excellent opportunity to sharpen our skills, because they require a great deal of restraint and precision. In this class, we will learn and practice the fundamental elements of each micro genre, including short-short (or flash) fiction, micro-memoir, prose poetry, and even hint fiction, by reading published work, as well as writing, sharing, and discussing our own work.

Register here!


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