Glimmer of Hope for My Manuscript

My book manuscript, The Rusted City, was a finalist for the Black Box Poetry Prize from Rescue Press.  After almost 15 flat-out rejections/no-responses/not-even-a-finalist emails, I’ve never been so happy to be declared not-quite-the-winner of something.

The winner and finalists are listed here on the Rescue Press blog.


3 thoughts on “Glimmer of Hope for My Manuscript

  1. Awanthi Vardaraj

    Congratulations! I’m very happy for you while mentally shaking my fist at all callous non-responders-something I’m all too familiar with, alas. You encourage me to keep on keeping on!

  2. thebabelblog

    Congrats, it’s always good to see fellow writers getting closer to their dreams. The non-responders are the worst. The least they could do is send out a generic rejection email/letter. How hard is that?


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