The Lovely Boone (maybe I’m a mountain girl)

Last weekend, I left the swamp and went to the lovely Boone, NC with the lovely Christiana Guppy, and we both experienced the same revelation: we must one day live in the mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains look very different, of course, from Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains, but I’ll take either. I need mountains in my life. Growing up landlocked, the ocean was always destination number one, but now that I’ve spent a little time (very little) in various mountainous landscapes, I’ve realized that this is actually what I’ve been wanting. And unlike Asheville, Boone is unassuming, maybe even more wild. (Asheville’s great, but a little full of itself and too yuppie sometimes).

I could go on and on about why mountains are better for me than the beach, or urban sidewalks (had a week-long stay at my sister’s apartment in NYC just prior to this trip, which was a lot of fun, though not particularly stunning or revitalizing), but instead I’ll just post photos that don’t do Boone any justice.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Not too many candid shots here.

Daniel Boone Gardens:

That one was only semi-staged.

Moth wing fungi (I made that up).

In the meditation hut, meditating, of course.

Some photo credit goes to the lovely Chris Guppy.

And once again, bigger:


4 thoughts on “The Lovely Boone (maybe I’m a mountain girl)

  1. Chris Guppy

    I still love the shot where we look like a lesbian couple. 🙂 (Brian says I don’t look that butch in real life.)

  2. Robin

    I love the mountains too! And there we can each have our own Great Danes instead of sharing one between two cramped New York apartments!


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