Check Me Out

on The Portland Review’s poetry blog.

(And I just received news that it will also be included in the print Film and Video issue this fall.)

And, again, here. (This time, an excerpt from The Rusted City.)

It’s a great blog, updated every day with a new poem!


3 thoughts on “Check Me Out

  1. James Gapinski


    I’m an editor at “The Conium Reivew,” a literary journal from Portland, Oregon. I just wanted to forward an online review where you get a positive mention.

    It’s a review of a small preview chapbook of The Portland Review’s “Fall Film and Video” issue. Overall, I wasn’t too enthralled by this little promo issue. But your poem, “Dorothy Tries,” was excellent, and there is a little positive blurb about it in the review. I don’t go into depth, but thought I’d pass it along nonetheless.

    Here’s the online article where you are briefly mentioned:

    James Gapinski

    1. Rochelle Hurt Post author

      James: Thanks for your kind words about my poem. I have to say that I, too was a little confused about the presentation of the zine, but I’m glad that it was out there to promote the issue, at least. Thanks also for directing folks to my site. Positive attention is always appreciated. I’ll have to check out the first issue of The Conium Review when it arrives.


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