New Poem News

Three poems from the Rusted City collection (thesis) are up today on The Prose Poem Project. They’ll be published in the print version later this year. I don’t think this journal is as well-known as it should be. The idea, the format, the whole endeavor is one that I love, and there are some really great poems on there (and I’m talking about other folks’ work).

Another piece of good news: while I did not win the contest run by the New Delta Review at LSU, I found out this morning that they did like one of my entries enough to publish it in their Summer issue (forthcoming). That poem is also from the thesis collection. Hurrah!

I’ve made a policy of not reporting my rejections, but there have been many lately, so these two things feel pretty good.


One thought on “New Poem News

  1. clsguppy

    hooray! is this how i’ll be reading your thesis? one published gem at a time? 🙂 i’m ok with that. xo


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